Feb. 16th, 2010

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I am attempting to write my politics essay, which is due on Thursday and oh God. I don't know if I am going to pull this off. Really shouldn't have delayed writing this thing for so long. And I had almost a week to work on it... Failure, Nav. Failure. But, in my defense, this essay might be easier to write if I wasn't judging how effective a leader Obama was in regards to his domestic policy-making based on the criteria Joseph Nye set in his fancy little book. [The Powers to Lead, for those of you who were curious. It's a good book, actually, but currently I am a little ticked off because what the shit does domestic policy making mean and what is it's scope and where can I say, 'Hey, this happened because Obama's the shit' and where can I not? So I suppose the real problem is the question in and of itself. *sigh*]

I really want to get my outline done tonight. If this means a late night, then so be it. I have until 1:30 pm on Thursday to write this baby but I want my researched outline done and out of the way. Analysis is easy.

Please, someone smack me upside the head the next time I suggest not writing my essay until two days before it's due? Thanks.

In other news, yesterday I walked about on a frozen Lake Ontario with a few floormates and a Swiffer mop thing. It was actually really cool. There was this one guy skating on it with his dog in tow and I'm assuming he did this all the time because he was wwwwwaaaaaaayyyyyy far out on the lake and not anywhere near the shore like I was because damned if I die by falling through ice into freezing cold water. But it was a good time and I actually wouldn't mind doing it again. Lots of fun. :D

And today I went on this crazy music downloading binge thanks to Last Fm's Best of 2009 list and yeah. I'm actually quite excited about some of the new music and it got me to finally getting around to getting some Metric in my life.

Anyways, better get back to that essay.


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