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[ profile] booksnchocolate and I go to Psychology 100 together. Currently in Psychology 100 we have this new prof and his name is Dr. Fabrigar. [ profile] booksnchocolate has this theory that Fabrigar = a repressed, closest homosexual. I add to this theory that he is a) bitter about how he failed to be a monk to further closet himself (he has...the monkest hairstyle ever) and b) living with Mongoose Evan Lysacek in said closet. (A closet in Narnia, where they call each other "bros", bro and tan with one another under the sun and enjoy happytimes.)

Basically this post = what I did in psych today with Sarah. )
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This is a pretty strong tie between Britain and Norway. See, I have this HUGE crush on Norway. Like, I actually have this ridiculous dream wherein I will retire and go live in a little cottage in some little village (where I`m pretty sure all the local folks will hate on me because I'm brown but small price, small price) by the Geirangerfjord. (Pictured below.) And why do I want to do this? Because it's fucking beautiful and breathtaking and I wannnnt.

But I think in the end I'd like to be born a British citizen. British people are just awesome and England is just awesome and I hear all the coolest things about Britain. It's got so much history and one can travel to Continental Europe so easily from the UK and damn. It's pretty much perfect. <3


But I do love being Canadian. After all, we are the coolest. And have health care. *looks over at America*
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A lot of people tell me how much they hate Valentine's Day. And the usual reasons come up: it's nothing but a corporate holiday, it reminds me that I'm lonely, you don't need a day to express love etc. But, I kinda like it. I mean, all of those reasons stand because yeah, it is just a corporate holiday and maybe if you're not in a relationship you are reminded of that but... But, at the same time it's a chance to tell someone you do love them. I had a Valentine and he's just my friend but I was happy to even have a friend Valentine.

Valentine's Day can just be about love and letting other people know they are loved. I don't see why it has to be more than that or why it's such a terrible, terrible thing that people do buy into commercialism. Every holiday comes with commercialism and just because you can tack on some deep religious reason it exists doesn't mean it's any better then. That's all, really.

Happy Valentine's Day, Flist ♥


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