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asdkjhkdskjgh. I can haz breethin' tiem nao? Plzkthnx.

I do not approve of having midterms every week of my life. This has been going on for THREE weeks. My brain can only take so much cramming of information I will most likely forget after the midterm has been written. Ugh.

And today was just such a busy day and wtf? I do not approve of busy days where six hours go by without me even realising it. On the one bright side, today at work I had fun and then Rogue, the anti-Vogue (Vogue being this fashion show that occurs every year at Queens wherein all the would-be fashion designer (why the fuck are these people at Queens anyways? This is not the university of art, you tools. See OCAD.)) decided that they were going to have a fashion show in the floor below where I work. It was cool because they had posters with things like "Don't give into commercialism!" "Re-discover yourself!" and I felt that they were all hippies. Or Global Development majors. God save the Queen Earth. People seemed to enjoy them greatly. After all, they were throwing off layers of clothes. Who doesn't like a good fake strip tease?

I bid thee all farewell though, I have black holes to learn about. Hawking radiation, here I come...

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Yesterday I failed my psychology midterm because secretly I am a bad person. I do it in disguise. Oui. On the bright side, I think my group did really well on our economics assignment which is worth significantly less than my midterm but oh well. I have a crappier mark in economics.

School woes aside, because really when do those ever really end, I am going through an intense Adam Lambert love phase. He is a Gay Sex God (except when he wears pink lipstick and then he's I am also fawning over Johnny Weir, figure skater extraordinaire and omfgsocuuuuuuteee :333 <3 Ilhim so much because one cannot deny his SEXUAL APPEAL AND FLAMBOYANCE AND THE MERE FACT THAT HE EXISTS <3 Oh, oh be still my beating heart.


And this is what I have been doing in my spare time. Well that and obsessively watching That 70's Show. OH, ERIC FOREMAN <3

And also, to prove my point on Adam Lambert being a Gay Sex God:

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This is the best news I've heard in a fucking while. I'm so stoked! And all my university worries are gone and can sit in whatever dark abyss worries go to when they are discarded. And now, even though I'm back at Queen's U and I always hate it and hate it the first few days because it makes me sad and irritated and upset and I feel nauseous every time my mother drives into Kingston, it's okay. This won't happen next year. Next year I'll be sad and irritated and upset because I'll be living at home with my mother but it'll be okay because I'll have all my friends :D And possibly I'll still be nauseous but hopefully for better reasons.

And I don't know why I'm listening to William Fitzsimmons, who is depressing and sad but has such a beautiful voice and such pretty music.

ETA: Read to go wherever dreaming goes by [info]nothingbutfic and seriously, one day if I can write something near as beautiful as this I will feel complete.

It's H/D, of course since I read nothing else these days but even though the whole thing is dark and hurtful and just kills because Draco's been reduced to nothing, it's hopeful and amazing and such a good read. 
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I've been writing a lot lately, for my [ profile] dracobigbang (at 10 000 words!) and I have about a million other ideas for Drarry fic and I just want to write ALL OF IT. I feel like I'm 15 again and have gotten so far into the HP fandom that it's pretty much all I do. I love this feeling. I mean, it's dorkish to love something this much but Harry Potter is a fandom I can leave and come back to again and again. I grew up with Harry Potter and I'm grateful for that. I hope that when my kids are growing up, they can have a fandom like HP because growing up with it is just an amazing experience. Hoping that you'll still get your Hogwarts letter and wondering what House you would be in, if you could get that letter. Joining HP forums, and writing and reading fic, and meeting other people who love the fandom as much as you do.

I suppose I feel a bit nostalgic but I've never really gone back to a fandom the way I go back to HP. I've only ever loved two other fandoms, maybe, the way I love HP. Bandom and Kingdom Hearts. Those were good days. And I feel like I read some of the best fic out there while in bandom. The writers were definitely some of the best and I hope that I've improved in my own writing since.

And today, omg, I watched a Drarry fanvid today. xDD I've never actually bothered watching them but it was terribly amusing...although, I'm pretty sure I wasn't supposed to be amused. *cough* >_____>; But you know, fandom is also fanvids. I found an awesome song though!

It's such a pretty song! I really love it. :) I'm probably going to have it on repeat for a few days now. xD

Anyways, I'm really happy with my [ profile] dracobigbang so far. I've been writing around 2000 words a day and I hope I've got the plot progressing at a good rate. I wrote suffragist!Hermione in the fic and I think I've pretty much told everyone already but God, I think I love her xD

In other news: I've done absolutely no studying for psychology this week ;_____; I am shameful. I did help a friend with her history essay and I worked on economics, which is a bitch and the bane of my existence. But, w/e. I'll just have a busy week ahead of me.

*sigh* I like being at home. It's nice and I just hope UofT accepts me sometime in March. It would be nice and then I can really shove aside all 'Nav, you don't have a place to stay at if you don't get in next year' scares.

ETA: and don't you wish you were hot like Severus Snape? )


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