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thatdayismine ([personal profile] thatdayismine) wrote2010-02-13 01:50 am
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diamonds are forever; they won't leave me in the night

Life sucks when one does not have Photoshop readily available at their hands. D: I want to sit about and make myself a banner but no Photoshop. My laptop came with Paint Shop Pro but as much as it is pretty much the same thing, it's not. I think it's because I have a better feel for Photoshop. Not to mention the fact that using it means I have to go find brushes and textures and gradients. :P

But anyways! I've spent all of today finding icons. I love finding icons! And there are so many amazing icons by such talented people. I've always sucked at making icons. I prefer banners and headers. More space.

I noticed, though, while I was looking for icons that I actually watch a lot of TV now. I remember back in the day I was limited to Harry Potter, maybe the manga I was reading at the time and some attractive actors and whatnot. But when I was looking today I went all over the place. It was a nice feeling. xD Except that this probably means that I watch too much TV... >______>;

I should go to sleep. Need to get my laundry done tomorrow. And make a decent dent into my [ profile] dracobigbang!

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