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thatdayismine ([personal profile] thatdayismine) wrote2010-03-06 02:59 pm

it's just a little too late, a little too long

Yesterday I failed my psychology midterm because secretly I am a bad person. I do it in disguise. Oui. On the bright side, I think my group did really well on our economics assignment which is worth significantly less than my midterm but oh well. I have a crappier mark in economics.

School woes aside, because really when do those ever really end, I am going through an intense Adam Lambert love phase. He is a Gay Sex God (except when he wears pink lipstick and then he's I am also fawning over Johnny Weir, figure skater extraordinaire and omfgsocuuuuuuteee :333 <3 Ilhim so much because one cannot deny his SEXUAL APPEAL AND FLAMBOYANCE AND THE MERE FACT THAT HE EXISTS <3 Oh, oh be still my beating heart.


And this is what I have been doing in my spare time. Well that and obsessively watching That 70's Show. OH, ERIC FOREMAN <3

And also, to prove my point on Adam Lambert being a Gay Sex God:


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